Thursday, 26 September 2013

Never forget the few!

Today at work I was sat in the sunshine having a cuppa when I heard an approaching aircraft, I could tell that this was not the normal visitor to Doncaster airport. I missed the first flypast of the Spitfire but with mobile phone in hand I caught the second. I wanted to share this, for I think in this modern world some have forgotten the bravery and sacrifices these men made to give us the world we live in today.
Was it worth it, is the world a better place, maybe not. But these men, many who gave their lives for us believed that they could make a difference. We should all work toward that goal.

In Their Honour.


Sandra said...

I believe it was worth it and shudder to think what our lives would be now if they had not given their lives. you might be speaking German now and now English.

Montanagirl said...

That is very cool - glad you caught the action!

Amelia & Mihai-Stefan CHIRCA said...

Very thankful to see this video and to read your words!

Mersad said...

I also shudder to think how these people are just sent away to battle and have no control over the outcome. That has to be the scariest thing of all.