Wednesday, 17 November 2010

What I've Seen

Meadow Pipit 

Here are a few things i've seen during this year. I hope you enjoy them.

Keeled Skimmer

Yellow-winged Darter (female)

Ruddy Darter (male)

Common Darter (I think)

Common Darter (male I believe)


Don't have to tell you what this is do I ?

Mute Swan

I am not an expert at Dragonflies, so if any are wrong please let me know and I will edit. Cheers.


Sandra said...

I have never seen a pipit before, he is beautiful, love the swan beak and the red darter color is amazing.

Scott said...

I didn't know dragonflies had different names, but I shouldn't be surprised. That tells you how much I know about them. But I do like finding and photographing them when I can. I have never seen such beautifully colored ones though. Like the birds too.

Montanagirl said...

Nice series - however, you might have to tell me what that bird is above the Swan picture. Is it what your Robins look like?

Wind said...

Yes, magnifique!
I like those this world of speed!
It seems to me that the details didn't count for many!
But life is made from far as we know!

Chris said...

You saw many diverse things, that's nice. Beautiful post.

Levonne said...

I really like that closeup of the swan! Original.

Elaine said...

Excellent series! Your dragonfly shots are supurb!

Wind said...

I wish you a great weekend, my friend!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

A great series of photos and I am amazed at your knowledge of the various dragonflies (and the sex of each!) I did expect as a scrolled through the photos that you were going to say, "dragonfly, bird, bird eating lunch!"

Have a great week ahead!

Bordershot said...

Wish you a happy new year!
Greating from germany