Sunday, 4 July 2010

London Town

Hi all, have had a couple of days in London and thought I would post some images of the Big Smoke. It has been thirty two years since I was last there and from what I can remember it hasn't changed much. People rushing around like ants, most looking stressed out and miserable. My wife and I went to London to see my son who is working in Illinois USA. He was over for a conference at Imperial College, it was for Paleontologists and my son was presenting. He is a Paleo-Entomologist but also works on living stuff as well. The most enjoyable part of our visit was the trip to the National History Museum, especially as we went with my son who gave us the guided tour. I had always wanted to take him when he was a child but never managed to do it, so it was great that we eventually got to go together and it will be a memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I think you will agree it is an impressive building.
There is also a Butterfly house at the NHM with several impressive species, and yes I did take some pics.

If you ever go to London or live there and have never took time out to visit the NHM, then do so. It is a cathedral to the natural world, it is inspirational and if we as a species are to grow then it is important that we learn and protect the multitude of creatures that we SHARE this wonderful planet with.
The Museum is FREE to visit and the Darwin centre is interactive which allows you to upload topics you are interested in onto a card, which you can then access on your own computer when you get home.
I have always been interested in Natural History and do a lot of insect photography and Birds.
I will do a post on this type of photography and equipment of use at a later date.

I did not have time to visit all the usual landmarks, but managed Covent Garden and Westminster. I tried to take images that were a bit different from the normal landscape stuff, I looked for alternative angles and concepts as well as capturing a few interesting characters.
I hope you find them thought provoking and feel free to comment on any.



thedinnerlady said...

What a great series. There was some very bizarre things going on in London! LOL
The shot of the NHM is it a panorama?
And I love what you've done with The Eye in the last photo.

Picturit said...

The NHM is a panorama yes I took 4 images and stitched them together in photoshop, glad you like the London Eye shot too. Thanks for comments Kev

Richard said...

Hi Kev, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I'm just run off my feet, even my poor blog has been feeling neglected, lol.
First of all... what a great blog you have. The London images are superb. You really have captured the place. The panoramic image of the NHM is excellent.

As for blogging advice... well all i'll add is just enjoy your photoblogging. I think it'll add a new outlet to your work that will spark creativity. It certainly did with me. A service i'd recommend to help your blog along is Feedburner which is run by Google. I'll also link to your blog from mine :o) I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Adrian LaRoque said...

Great work!

Stephen Baird said...

really love these shots. the last one in black and white is VERY cool.
nikonsniper steve

Sandra said...

I just looked at the youtube link you sent to me a couple of days ago. that sequoia is really amazing. thanks fro sending it

Kilauea Poetry said...

You know these images are really captivating (enjoy the insects btw) How fortunate you could take this trip. I've always enjoyed Ferris wheels..the background -sky in this shade works well. The guy with the children, musician, bagpipes and the motion and angel at top with that couple or man and woman? I've been slow responding to comments on my own blog but did go ahead and leave them this morning- thanks-